How to compile libjit from source

Libjit is a GNU library which can be used to generate machine code on the fly. You can use this library to add Just-in-Time compilation to your interpreter.

This is the commands that is needed to get latest source and compile this library.

sudo apt-get install git

sudo apt-get install flex

sudo apt-get install bison

sudo apt-get install make

sudo apt-get install autotools-dev

sudo apt-get install autoconf

sudo apt-get install libtool

sudo apt-get install gcc

sudo apt-get install texinfo

git clone git://

cd libjit




make install

The whole process is tested on a bare Ubuntu 15.10 x64 and takes ~5 minutes.

Nagging: LLVM

These days I am getting familiar with LLVM and its IR language. As a part of this process I try to run some sample codes to see how it works. But guess what? NONE of the samples are working with the current LLVM installation that I have.

I tried first. It does no compile because `jit` is no longer part of LLVM and `LLVMLinkInJIT` is referenced in the source code!

I mean, after 13 years of development, its time to stabilize something and let other USE your product. Isn’t it?