21 management things I learned at Imgur

These are interesting:
  • Different people need different kinds of management. Be adaptable to figure out what drives each person’s best performance.
  • Give feedback frequently and directly. 
  • Communication is the most difficult thing you’ll do.
  • You’re more likely to lose by not recognizing your weaknesses than from the presence of weakness, so aim for self-awareness.
  • Your company is a portfolio bet

MOV is Turing complete!

You can write a whole program using only "move" command! Add, Load, Sub, … every assembly command can be re-written using this single command!
But the catch is that this idea uses invalid memory addresses to do comparison! To check if x is equal to y you need to put value of 0 in [x] and 1 in [y]. Then [x] denotes if x is equal to y.

Do less, more

In order to succeed in this chaotic world of entrepreneurship, you have to do less things which have most value, with a razor like focus. Do them for as many times as you can. Because this is your edge and you have to use your edge as many times as possible in order to gain an advantage on your competitors.

Plans for Redis 3.2

I love Redis!
It's one of best choices if you need a high performance cache. The project owner has declared some of features that will be implemented in v3.2:
  • Geo hashing API
  • Bloom filters
  • Memory PRs
  • Memory introspection command
  • Some Redis Cluster multi DC support
  • New List type operations
  • AOF safety feature
  • SPOP COUNT option

Working at Microsoft

Some interesting points:
  • People who speak of companies (or countries, or races, or other groups) as being good or evil are at best ignorant, and at worst bigots.
  • I can code with vi on a Macintosh, Visual Studio on a Windows machine, ink on a Tablet PC, or whatever I desire.
  • For the most part, I determine what I work on and when I will get it done. (Me: So how do you schedule your deadlines?)