21 management things I learned at Imgur

These are interesting:
  • Different people need different kinds of management. Be adaptable to figure out what drives each person’s best performance.
  • Give feedback frequently and directly. 
  • Communication is the most difficult thing you’ll do.
  • You’re more likely to lose by not recognizing your weaknesses than from the presence of weakness, so aim for self-awareness.
  • Your company is a portfolio bet

Working at Microsoft

Some interesting points:
  • People who speak of companies (or countries, or races, or other groups) as being good or evil are at best ignorant, and at worst bigots.
  • I can code with vi on a Macintosh, Visual Studio on a Windows machine, ink on a Tablet PC, or whatever I desire.
  • For the most part, I determine what I work on and when I will get it done. (Me: So how do you schedule your deadlines?)